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Kaleidoscope Kits from Clarity Glass Design make excellent projects for young and old alike. Many Clarity Glass kaleidoscope kits feature stained glass, brass and wood.

Our unique marble kaleidoscope kits include three precut pieces of optical quality aluminized front surface mirror, marbles, a split-ring marble holder, full size patterns, and instructions. So you may personalize the kaleidoscope kit, stained glass and soldering supplies must be purchased separately.

Kaleidoscope kits are especially appropriate for the older children and adults. Many kaleidoscope kits contains all that is needed to make a kaleidoscope except stained glass supplies: turning object box (barrel), colorful acrylic objects (or add your own) and real glass first surface mirrors for optimum clarity. Stained glass supplies to finish your kaleidoscope kit must be purchased separately. Kaleidoscope Kits may also contain a real glass eyepiece and brass fittings which complement the kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope kit contains high-quality optical aluminized front surface mirror for the kaleidoscope. Instructions are also included in the kaleidoscope kit. A variety of kaleidoscope designs and kaleidoscope configurations are available from Clarity Glass Design.


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