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Looking for kaleidoscope mirrors? Clarity Glass Design carries a wide variety of front surface kaleidoscope mirrors, also know as, first surface kaleidoscope mirrors. Clarity Glass Design provides only quality high-grade kaleidoscope mirrors.

  • Pre-cut kaleidoscope mirror kits
  • A Grade First Surface Kaleidoscope Mirror
  • B Grade First Surface Kaleidoscope Mirror
  • Trapezoid First Surface kaleidoscope Mirror
  • Front Surface Kaleidoscope Mirror - Box of 10
  • Front Surface Kaleidoscope Mirror - Crate of 80
  • Front Surface Kaleidoscope Mirror Kits

A kaleidoscope is an optical curiosity usally consisting of a cylindrical body with an eye piece at one end, kaleidoscope mirrors contained in the center and an object case or wheels at the other end. The viewer holds the cylindrical body while he peers into the tube through the eye piece. He may rotate the object case or wheels to change the images reflected and multiplied by the kaleidoscope mirrors. The images produced in this comparatively simple device can be startlingly complex, lovely, mysterious and fascinating because of the reflections in the kaleidoscope mirrors.

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